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About Sirad


After working in the fashion Industry for many years, as a Black Muslim woman.

I wanted to create a brand that caters to women from all walks of life, focusing on modest contemporary pieces.


I felt fast fashion was contributing to climate change and there was a market for contemporary sustainable Modest garments. Sirad’s garments are designed to make a woman feel comfortable and give them the opportunity to style as she wishes.  


Sirad is dedicated to adhering to ethical business practices, emphasising on craftsmanship to create designs that will last, whilst aiming to create a more circular future. Sirad’s aim is to produce clothing that has been made with care, with the aim to safe guard our environment and produce products that will last. Sirad’s garments are biodegradable and can be returned for charity.


Sirad’s sustainable path is built on three pillars each working on sustainability.


So why did I name the brand after my mother? I believe our Mother’s are a little gift hidden in our lives and to me, mine is extra special. She has guided me through my life and taught me many lessons, for which I will forever be grateful. Her kindhearted nature and want to spread love and peace in this world, has inspired me. When I was younger she used to say always help someone as a greater reward comes to the person who gives.


The name “Sirad” means the right path



Building a community not just an brand